“an act of moving back or withdrawing”

For millennium people have withdrawn for short periods of time from their hectic lives to reconnect with themselves.

Take a break from it all and join us on retreat. The perfect opportunity to unwind, learn new skills and develop a healthy daily routine and practice. Don’t worry, this is not some sort of get fit boot camp, rather just an opportunity to reconnect with yourself without the distractions of daily life.

On a Warrior Monk Yoga retreat we focus on 5 areas of growth and learning:




Asana Practice

Centering around a Healthy diet

From my decade plus of guiding I have selected 6 of my favorite destinations. Each is uniquely located in beautiful surroundings offering unique cultures, cuisine, landscape and activities. I have spent months in some of these areas exploring, enjoying and leading people through interesting and incredible areas.

Choose from one of the following:


Park City or Zion & Bryce



Provence, Chamonix, The Dolomites or Italy’s wine country

Private theme focused groups:

A Warrior Monk Yoga retreat can be arranged for select private groups like military, search and rescue, first responders, Guides, firemen or for friends and families. These private groups can be tailored to learn new skills, expand on healing practices or to grow your practice.

Published dates:

Warrior Monk Yoga retreats offer fixed published dates that are open to all.


A typical daily itinerary looks something like this:

Wake up 7am

Pranayama in the open air and nature

Meditation (relax it is only 15 minutes)

Breakfast – organic meal

Asana practice – 1.5 hours

Free time – activities, sightseeing, etc

Lunch – depending on where we are on your own

Asana – 1.25 hrs

Dinner – organic meal


A quick note about meals:

We will be serving a mostly organic diet where available with limited processed foods. By removing the chemicals and the poor quality of certain foods, we can alleviate many of the bodies stressors hopefully reinvigorating the system.